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What the juicy am i on about- wellness



verb filled with life – living
adjective succulent

Interesting, satisfying or substantive, rewarding, having vitality


verb to live one’s life in a particular way.

To be currently active and of use.

Socrates said, to live is to inquire, to solve a problem, and break it down into a series of questions, the answers to which will gradually distil.

To hypothesise is the first stage,
to ask questions,
to pose answers,
to wonder,
to examine ones own beliefs and their validity.

The goal, the project is to live an examined life, to be aware of one’ own ignorance.

To inspect,
to make choices,
to take ownership,
to direct the play,
to not merely be a character.

They are verbs, the juicy and the living and a project is something you take on to do. Let’s do.

The juicy living project

Welcome to the adventure juicy people

My challenge to you if you choose to accept it is to follow, join, share, challenge me and each other on this juicy journey to living a more engaged, present, grounded life.

All of this sounds a bit fluffy, way out there and or the typical self help text that makes grand promises in the first chapter to find your passion, make you rich, find your prince charming, lose 20 kgs and meditate like Buddha.

Is this actually any different and should you bother following passively, joining actively or just pass on by?

My answer, I don’t actually know at this stage but I think it’s going to be great. You see I know some psychology stuff and some wellness stuff and I couldn’t be intellectual if I tried so I wont confuse you with theoretical crap that really is only useful for making me sound like a tosser.

Follow along after this inaugural diatribe and see what you think. I intend to rave on about stuff that people, real people come and talk to me about all the time, and stuff they think makes them crazy and freaky. So they tell me anyway and it’s my job, a bit, anyway to help them understand we all have a bit of that crazy, freaky, worried brain and that’s what makes us who we are, NORMALish.

The thing is I know we can do this stuff better than having to see a psychologist and worry so much about who sees you parking outside our building that you park up the road. My goal is to talk about some stuff and make it real, grounded, easy to digest (like ice cream and just as yummy), useful (like ice cream) and practical (umm like ice cream).

I am going to do this in sort of framework. Don’t get freaked out that I am sneaking off on a theoretical tangent. I promise I’m not because I wouldn’t know one if it landed on my head. I read this book you see when I was studying Wellness and it talked about wellness as having 12 main aspects we all consider when we inspect our lives for health and well just feeling good.

Wellness as a colloquialism is a load of marketing crappola with every Tom, Dick and Harry jumping on the bandwagon offering snake oil cures for everything from what you wash your clothes in to which way you wipe your bum and everything else it seems in between including a few naughty kids who basically bullshitted us all and got fined $300, 000 for telling porkies (bah, hah, hah. Old Chinese proverb: bullshiters never prosper).

Wellness is not a static state, you don’t get well and stay well, like not having a cold. It’s not the absence of disease, people can lack physical symptoms and still be bored, depressed, anxious and generally down in the dumps. These are the tip of the iceberg kind of things and mean there is a need for awareness, education and growth.

High level wellness means taking good care of your physical self, using your brain well, expressing your emotions, being involved with those around you, and concerned for your physical, psychological and spiritual environment. This doesn’t mean you don’t get sick it’s all in the management along a continuum kind of thing.

It sounds a bit kind of toss pot but the guru’s (1) call wellness an ‘open energy system’. Pretty simple really, input and output. We take in oxygen, food and sensory stimulation and transform this to maintain the body and mind and then output it. Output is biochemical, energy and expressions of energy, the generation of emotion. This then affects the outside world; that’s the output bit, you can’t help but influence the planet.

Pretty cool really when you think about it, it’s all actually meant to work in a cyclical way but we manage to mess it up by blocking bits, breaking bits, ignoring bits and just generally being us. So this is what we will look at from all sorts of angles, basically through the lens of daily living.

The aim however is to examine, make choices, drive the car, not be a passenger in the out of control stolen car.


Take charge of yourself

What do I do now you say?

Well first of all make sure you keep up with the program, you don’t want to be that person that misses bits do you? So follow me on Faceybook  and the Instagrammy pretty thing, sign up for gratuitous spamming of your email (gotcha, just jokes promise wont do that it takes too much energy).

Once I get going I will have lots of bits n bobs for you to join in with including:

– an ebook (read I haven’t written it yet),
– -a coaching program designed for you to kick some goals (also haven’t written it yet),
– individual coaching where you get to talk private and special with yours truly (when I work out how to do it the best),
– some juicy products that will be useful, pretty and cool (when I work out what they are),
– a podcasty thing where I will talk about some important stuff and you can listen (when I work out how to record it),
– you asking me to be a guest speaker, run a workshop and stuff like that about all this stuff.

Yep some of it will require cold hard cash (well PayPal really cause that’s not real money) and some will be just because I like you (and that’s what the marketing guru’s say you’re meant to do so people think your good, give ‘em free stuff).

The juice (leave me a comment):

What are you doing when you feel most alive, most juicy? What floats your boat, lights your fire, spins your wheels, and makes your heart sing?

Lots of sloppy kisses

(Must discuss boundaries at a later stage i.e. is it okay to leave you guys                                           sloppy kisses?)

Rachelle xxx

Well well well – what does it mean to be well?

The aim of this little bloggy thing is to make you think, question, wonder, sweat, ponder and take charge of how well you feel and what you are doing about it. This is after all about putting the elastic back in your saggy, baggy but favourite undies so they last the distance. 

life is for living, wellness

So here’s the drill. I am going to explain to you a framework thing around wellness ( I have written an introduction to wellness back here if you want some more juice on it) for you to have some kind of idea where you need assistance, you might tick one, you might tick all areas but we are going to do it one bite at a time otherwise it gets scary, overwhelming, you put it in the too hard basket and fail. Then you beat yourself up. Get the picture. 

    overwhelmed, one bite at a time

When we think about feel good its a mind, body, spirit, lifestyle thing with lots of different dangly bits that all seem to have an impact and are seemingly connected to each other. You fix one bit and either another bit is fixed or another bit rears its ugly head and says “okay you can work on me now you have time and space”. Anyway so here’s a list of areas i am going to muddle about in over time. They aren’t in any scary order, you can’t get them wrong and i am too random to follow any order so we will pluck them out and when i feel like writing something that fits i will be sure to let you know (sound okay? if you have another or better idea let me know in the commenty thing down the bottom or private thing by email cause you are going to tell me i am a loser. if this is the case don’t bother just unfollow me i don’t need the vibes).

Oh crap, the list, i get easily sidetracked… (The links are ready and rearing to go so just stay tuned and i will let you know as we fill them in – sign up to my emaily thing and facebooky thing and instagrammy thing).Remember be an active driver in your life and wellbeing not just a passenger taking in the view or in many of our cases not even noticing the view. 

1.Responsibility for yourself and how you live your life – your own processes and patterns and how you want to live your life

2.Breathing – Noticing your breath, noticing the moment, noticing and processing the tension

3.Sensing – Appreciating the senses and using them to their full capacity

4.Eating – Making nutritious choices to fuel and hydrate mind and body

5.Moving – Whether it be for exercise, play, expression or creation

6.Feeling – Acknowledging and experiencing the array of human emotion

7.Connecting – Intimate relationships with significant others

8.Thinking – Experiencing and processing an array of internal and external information

9.Playing and working  – How are your spending your days, your energy

10.Communicating – Connecting to others and your environment with meaning and integrity

11.Relating – To your physical environment, your stuff, your finances

12.Having meaning – The big picture stuff, purpose, passion

So now you have the list, what now you scream at me, because you are soooo keen and desperate for change (I will write something another day about change).

Trust your guts, which one appeals to you the most at this point. I will fill in the blanks as we go along but i want you to get to know your intuition along the way. You can let me know in the commenty thing down the bottom or just notice for the minute and perhaps write it down and ponder what the idea means for you, just you, little old you, indulge.

Love and sloppy kisses

Rachelle xxx

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